Young Boys Turn Their Backs On Crowd. Everyone Freaks Out At What Follows

The World of Dance Finals took place in Los Angeles, California on August 16 during a worldwide tour of more than 100,000 competitors with one dance group Kyushudanji Shinsengumi, blowing up the stage with their incredible performance that kept the crowd wanting more. A combination of break dance, hip hop and some really cool jumps and spins, rocketing them high into the air with such energy and force that it was hard to believe that these were a group of young kids, with moves that rivaled any other age group out there with literally non-stop action and a peak performance.

Not much is known about this young, far-traveling group except that they came from Japan to compete in these finals and then proceeded to take first place in the youth division with a cash prize of $500 along with the token trophy. This group was tight and full of active, high energy moves that never seemed to stop, even when taking moments to do some solo dancing before exploding into rapid moves all over the stage. The crowd was astounded and clearly wanted more as the dance routine kept on and I simply loved the combination of moves and the way they used the music to convey their attitude. Dance has a way of cutting through all groups of people due to its unique form of expression and they certainly had that going for them. The front dancer had pink hair to help him stand out from the pack of but in all honesty, a lot of the dancers really stood out!

This was the first year that the World Finals competition was hosted in Los Angeles. Other destinations on the list, according to the World Of Dance website, that are still to come are San Diego, Moscow, Hawaii, and Denmark. We look forward to seeing more!

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YouTube/World of Dance