Woman Sold as a Baby Half a Century Ago Finally Meets Her Biological Family – I’m In Tears

Thomad Jugarthy Hicks of Georgia was known for the horrendous crime of forging death certificates of newborn babies and selling them to out-of-state couples.

As a doctor, he routinely forged certificates of death and robbed over 200 babies of their real families. Among those babies was Kriste Hughes. Her mother was told she had a heart condition and asked to sign a death certificate shortly after Kritse’s birth, making her one more of “Hicks babies.” Since, the victims of his crimes had to undergo DNA testing to find their biological families.

Fifty years after becoming a victim, Kriste found her first cousin Jackie on ancestry.com. Jackie expressed that she only had one aunt still alive and that testing may have been rather difficult. Fortunately, the aunt agreed to be tested and the DNA matched Kriste’s.

She finally uncovered that her biological mother, Thelma Tipton, is alive at the age of 75.

He robbed me of my life…I missed out seeing [Kriste] growing up, missed out on her first tooth…her first day of school…I missed out on her wedding, I missed out on everything. Thelma said.

Thomad Hicks surrendered his license in 1964 but was never charged for his crimes. He died at the age of 83 in 1972.

Check out their beautiful story of reunion below.