Witnesses Claim Miracle Man Saved Car Crash Victim With Prayer

This is one of those bizarre stories that you hear about every once in a while.

A young lady was in a very serious automobile accident when the first responders arrived to free her from the mangled mess of a car left. But they were not able to free her from the wreckage without harming her further. The lady asked the paramedics and firemen to pray with her. At first they were hesitant as they didn’t want to overstep their boundaries, but they did anyway for her.

When all of a sudden a priest dressed in all white appeared out of nowhere and anointed the women with oil and pray with her. After, he told the rescuers that they would be able to remove her with little problem and that she would be fine. Soon after he walked away and vanished. They were able to remove her from the car safely and without more injury.

They tried to find out who this priest was but until now nobody knows who he was. There is an effort right now to find the man dressed in white, but we have a feeling that they won’t find him. It was either Jesus himself or an angel.

YouTube/ABC News

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