Watch this 17 year old Bring The Audience To Their Feet, Including Simon!

This 17-year-old girl shocked and awed both the audience AND the judges when she nervously stepped onstage to perform for the first time on Britain’s Got Talent and even reached into the heart of Mr. Simon Cowell himself! A standing ovation erupted the minute she began her song and absolutely she gave it her all, even while fighting back tears of joy and appreciation for being so well received. Her back story seems to be that her dream has always been to become a singer and according to her mom and “best friend,” it was something that she was determined to do. She sings all the time, in the shower (don’t we all!) but seriously, there must have been some sort of help along the way. If not, then she certainly has it now! All of the judges were thoroughly impressed and then Simon used these words, “THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL A SINGER” and even said that he wanted to mentor her! Wow! You can’t beat that kind of response. So, whatever she’s been doing to prepare, she did all the right things!

Clearly, this young, 17-year-old has won the hearts of all of Britain and even the callous Simon himself which is, in all ways, the best that you can do at such a performance, wouldn’t you say? Her tears were justified and the crowd won’t be forgetting her anytime soon. Mom proudly watched and shed a few tears herself, watching her daughter’s dreams come true. Especially after seeing the judges’ reactions to the performance. It was not enough to say, “Good job!” They stood up, they clapped, they smiled and gave her glowing reviews. Even after her performance, all the judges were convinced that, with talent like that hitting the stage, they were all headed in the right direction and even Simon admitted that there was something special in the air.

Watch it here:

YouTube/The X Factor UK