Watch Britney Spears Surprise Jimmy Kimmel In This Raunchy Little Prank!

If you’ve ever watched Jimmy Kimmel, you will know that he seriously loves pranking celebrities. In fact, this is kind of his specialty. When someone is about to appear as a guest on his show, they seriously need to watch their back. I mean, who knows what this guy will do for a laugh?


Well, the tables were turned recently, when none other than the wonderful Britney Spears decided to have a little fun of her own.

Rather than waiting for him to prank her, she decided to take matters into her own hands and get him first!


Now, pulling off a decent prank is anything but easy. That’s why Britney had a whole team of people helping her to get things just right. Wait until you see the look on Jimmy’s face when he sees what she’s done.

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