They Were Torn Apart In WW1. But When The Phone Rings 75 Years Later? It Sent SHIVERS Down My Spine!

There is no greater gift in this world than family. Although many of us resent our siblings sometimes they are literally a gift to us and sometimes we take it for granted. After hearing about his siblings story you won’t ever under appreciate them again.

When your fighting for the remote they may not seem like such a blessing. But as you grow older and friends come and go you realise that your family is the only stable thing you will ever have. I realise how lucky I am to have 2 sisters now.

In the following video we meet a woman named Rose, Rose had a rough start in life and grew up in broken families, with multiple different foster homes after her mother died and her father was sent off to war. Even though she was completely alone she always felt like she had someone out there looking out for her, and it turns out she did.

It’s no doubt that times have changed, when Rose was sent away, her baby brother John was sent somewhere else. John grew up without even knowing he had an older sister. He assumed he was all alone in this world until one day Roses older children dug deep into their family history and found out things that changed all their lives forever.

For the first time in many years they are finally reunited, although they missed out on valuable years it is such a blessing that they get to end their lives knowing one another.

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