Thieves Stole From Flamingo Fundraiser For Sick Teen, Then Cops Received An Anonymous Note…

On September 1, the Weare police department reportedly received an anonymous letter from the thieves.

But what it said will shock you….

According to a Facebook post by the department featuring a photo of the letter, the thieves returned all of the stolen flamingoes.


The note read….

“We are truly sorry for our actions and had no idea what the flamingoes on Colby Road symbolized. We would have never taken them,” the letter reads. “[We] will never do anything like this again.”

I mean this isn’t the normal behaviour of thieves is it?

The sorry thieves even left a donation in the envelope to show they supportĀ #AbbyStrong.


Not only that, but the un named thievesĀ are now offering bracelets so that residents of Weare can show their support.

Now that’s remorse if I have ever seen it!

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