There’s A Reason Why Rachel’s Nipples Were Always On Show In ‘Friends’

I used to love the TV sitcom ‘Friends’, it was my favorite show and Rachel Green was my favorite character. She was funny, beautiful and played the role of ‘the girl next door’ perfectly.

However, throughout the hundreds of episodes, there was something I always noticed about Rachel. Her nipples. Yes, you read that correctly. Rachel Green always had her nipples on show, and I couldn’t help but wonder, where on earth was her bra?


Did you ever notice this?


Have you ever wondered exactly why Rachel’s nipples were forever standing to attention? Had the show’s creators forgotten to pay the heating bill? Was the bra budget suffering a severe cash flow problem?


It turns out I’m not the only one who noticed this and has been seeking an answer to the mystery of the 90’s. Thousands of Friends fans have had this on their minds and Jenifer Anniston has spoken about why her nipples were always on show.

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