This School Asked Parents To Sign a Pledge Of Allegiance Request Form. Here’s How One Angry Mom Replied!

When I was in school, I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance every single morning. Once I got through the door, we would be ushered into the main hall so that we could all say it together. Then, the bell would ring and classes would start right away.


At the time, I never really thought much of it. It was just what everyone had always done… and always would do as far as I knew!

Still, these days there is always a big controversy over what is and what’s not politically correct. Since the pledge says the words ‘under God,’ it makes sense that some teachers would be worried about it!


To help deal with this issue, one school decided to take things into their own hands. The teachers sent home a waiver to parents so that they could sign it. But, one mom was seriously not happy!

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