The Scary Reason You Shouldn’t Let Your Child Have Antibiotics Before The Age Of Two.

When your young infant gets sick and  the doctor prescribes antibiotic treatment, you initially think that this must be the best thing for them n order to get better, however, turns out this might not be the case.

New research has recently found that giving toddlers antibiotics can actually increase their risk of allergies and eczema.


Kids prescribed the drugs before the age of two are more likely to develop eczema and hayfever, the study says.

Research has been done on this in the past and found a link between early exposure to antibiotics and the unpleasant allergies. But, these new findings have stronger evidence to back up claims.

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The new findings, from a team of researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, anaylsed studies spanning the time period January 1966 to November 2015.

They examined links between the drugs during the first two years of a child’s life and the risk of eczema and hayfever in later life.

The study was huge with over 500,00 people participating. The increased risk of eczema ranged from 15 to 41 per cent,

For Hayfever the risk increased from 14 to 56 per cent.

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