Liz had such a powerful control over Michael that it angered his family; his father because he was so controlling and his mother Katherine because she was wary of outsiders – she once supposedly said that Elizabeth ‘stole my son’.


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In 1987, Liz convinced him to move out of the family home and buy the $17 million, 26 acre ranch in Los Olivos which became Neverland.

When he first moved in, Michael was so busy with his schedule that it meant he didn’t have as much time to spare for Liz. It was because of this that they met for ‘intense reunions’ every few months.


Liz was going through another relapse in her battle with prescription drugs and her weight had ballooned again.

Liz, however had found a lover that wasn’t Michael….

Michael hosted her wedding to construction worker Larry Fortensky in 1991, her seventh husband, at Neverland and insisted on paying the $1.5 million bill.

They were nearly neighbors and both had homes in the Bel Air and Beverly Hills neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Michael would invited her over for egg sandwiches in the afternoons.

In 1997, Michael presented Elizabeth with the song he wrote for her called ‘Elizabeth, I Love You, which he performed at her 65th birthday party.

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