Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor’s friendship was the oddest in Hollywood. They were the most unlikely pair, and on the surface you would think they had no similarities. It turns out the couple were very similar indeed.

From sharing tea with a chimpanzee to afternoons spent watching Disney movies, they could both relate to one another’s difficult childhoods and drug problems.


 The pair’s relationship was intense, and later this month they will be revealing more secrets in their book of confessions.

Michael wooed Liz with grand gestures like ordering decorators to paint a suite at his Neverland ranch the same shade of violet as her eyes. He was in love with her soul.


She responded by buying him an elephant which she shipped in from Asia.

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Via DailyMail/Secrets

The unlikely friendship was built on something very unusual. Our source revealed that the pair wanted to ‘be children all over again’.

When they first met in 1984, they both had so much in common and felt that they had somebody who understood their troubled lives.  Michael became a star at 8 years old with his brothers in  The Jackson 5. But his father Joe used to beat him so badly he left him mentally scarred for life.

Liz became a star at 12 with the film ‘National Velvet’ despite her father being a drunk who used to ‘bat her around’. Liz never spoke out about her abuse, she only confided in Michael.

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