Old Couple Sells House After 76 Years, Then Open Their Doors To Reveal A Time Warp Stuck In 1938

After 76 years, an old house finally got the construction it needed. When the elderly couple finally moved out of their life long home, hopeful buyers were excited to view the property, but they also got to see a charing love story when they entered…

In 1938, Tom and Jean Cheetham moved into their first and only home in Sydney, Australia. There, the happy and inseparable couple raised their family until — at the ages of 103 and 100 respectively — they both moved into a nursing home as one of Australia’s oldest couples!

The couple had kept the house in pristine condition for all these years and visitors say it was like going back in time.It still featured its original design and decor. From the carpets, to the appliances, to the furniture, the home held a sense of nostalgia that left everyone in awe.

When the home was auctioned, it sold for $1.6 million to a lady who remained anonymous. The Cheetham’s have six grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren. The sale was bittersweet for everyone in the three-generational family.

Over the years, as Jean grew more frail, Tom happily took on the housework and the gardening. In fact, Tom was still mowing the lawn right up to the time they moved out.

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