Mom-Of-Six Leaves Seriously Honest Note For Her Husband When She Leaves Him With The Kids For The Weekend!

Can you imagine looking after six kids? It would be more than just a handful, right? Well, Meghan Oeser, from Illinois, must be something of a superhero. She is mommy to six beautiful children and works hard every day to look after them. Recently, though, she had to leave for a girls’ weekend.


That meant that her husband, Kevin, was left with the role of looking after the kids for the entire weekend all by himself. Yikes.

Knowing what a task it would be, Meghan decided to leave her hubby a note to make sure that he understood everything that he had to do.


Of course, when you have six kids, there are a whole load of different things that you need to remember. The advice-filled letter was full of helpful information and little reminders.

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