Mom Shares Before And After Pictures Of Her Daughter On Her First Day At School – And The Results Will Make You Howl!

Since it’s now September many of us will have just sent our kids off to school for the first time. Looking back, you probably have some seriously fond memories of school. Well, nostalgia does funny things to your memories. Have you forgotten how much you really hated it?


When Reddit user boobafett13 sent her four-year-old daughter off to school for the first time this time last year, she saw what it can really do to a kid.

Via Imgur

Via Imgur

In a thread online, she shared pictures of her daughter that were taken on the very same day. One of them was taken right before she went to school  (above).


The second was taken just as she was coming off the school bus after a long, hard day of work. When you see how different she looks, you will smile.

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