Mom Orders Pizza With A Secret Message To Save Her Kids From Her Abusive Boyfriend

Domestic violence is a terrible crime that happens more often than you may think. One in four women are victim to domestic abuse each year, and shockingly, that figure has rose considerably in recent years.

Cheryl Treadway was one of the victims. Her boyfriend was unraveling inside her home in Avon Park, Florida. He was angry, out of control and carrying a knife. He was holding her and her three children hostage.


In the midst of the horror and confusion, Cheryl said her kids were getting hungry. She eventually talked the boyfriend into letting her use a cell phone to order a pizza. He agreed.


She had the Pizza Hut phone app, and was going to put the order in, but seconds later the boyfriend quickly snatched the phone out of her hand.

The Pizza Hut employees received Cheryl’s order — but they noticed a strange note in the comments section.


Instead of ignoring the message, the employees  thankfully followed their instincts…

Cheryl Treadway’s angry boyfriend was inside her home carrying a knife.

He was holding her hostage; she held one of her kids in her arms, and her two other children were also inside.

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