Mom Gets Slammed By Snooty Shop Assistant After Trying On Post Baby Size Dress

New mom Constance Hall posted recently about a shopping incident that most new moms will relate to.

It was the first time she had been shopping since giving birth, and she soon realised she wasn’t going to be able to dress the same as she used to.


Her latest message to women all over the world is about body image, clothing sizes and being truthful with ourselves. She was browsing a rack at a store when an employee got a bit bold suggesting she might have more success elsewhere. How rude!



The employee who was so rude thought she might need to take a look at the plus size section since she was only looking at the smaller sizes. Ouch. Pretty harsh right? I think I would have told her to mind her own business – she has no right to intefere, never mind totally INSULT her!

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