Her Husband Hits Her. When Movers Pull Up And Do THIS? I’m Speechless.

Abusive relationships are tough for obvious reasons.

However, the most basic aspect of the situation can sometimes be the hardest thing to do in order to survive it. Specifically, one must leave the abusive situation in order to be free of it and in that comes financial and physical hardships that must be endured. Most often, these ladies are leaving with children, possessions, no money and all in one day!

That’s why when I heard about this incredible story, I had to share it. Apparently, a California-based company called, “Meathead Movers”, founded in 1997 by student-athletes have begun helping these women move their belongings for free in order to escape their abusive relationships, thereby, achieving their goal to provide these moving services at no cost to victims of domestic violence. Recently, the Meathead Movers partnered with the nonprofit organization, Good Shepherd, to help identify these women in abusive situations so that they can provide them with this unique service. Not everyone likes to broadcast that they need this sort of help and so this partnership with Good Shepherd (a domestic violence prevention organization) was key in helping to locate those who needed this service the most.

The employees of Meathead Movers are particularly moved by these situations because they are mostly young men who have tremendous respect for women and find it fulfilling to be the kind of man that helps these women out when they are in need, unlike those that they are running from. With services like these, women can have hope that good things are waiting for them if can follow through on what they know is right.

However, finding the courage to do such a thing is a daunting task but the Meathead Movers have, in just one week, helped out four families who were in desperate need of their services. Thanks to them, these families can start a new life with one less burden to overcome.

Meathead Movers helps victims of domestic violence move – free of charge.

These employees believe that women should be treated with respect.

“The Stud Of The Month” is awarded to the one who smiles the most.

They are proud of what they do.

This girl drew a picture for the Meathead Movers after they helped her family move for free. She wanted to thank them for helping her get a fresh start.