This Man Spent An Entire Year Planning An Epic Proposal For His Girlfriend – And It’s Just Perfect

Each day, he wrote a different note on a little whiteboard and showed it the camera. The video is just beautiful! This was his way of showing how very dedicated he was to the idea of marrying the woman of his dreams.

“The first month making it was like, ‘Okay, this is pretty fun’ and then it turned into ‘Wow, I’ve got 11 more months. That’s a long time,’ but I stuck with it,” he said.

Via YouTube

Via YouTube

Once he had made the video, all he had to do was show it to Danielle. So, he set up a mock event to screen the video.

The final shot of the video asks Danielle to go meet Josh because he has a question to ask her. When she got to the lake, he was there with a sign that said “Will you be my wife?” and she had to check either ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Don’t worry! She totally ticked the ‘yes’ box! This has to be one of the most romantic proposals of all time. Just… wow.

Watch the beautiful video here:

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