She Leaves Hundreds Speechless When She Sings THIS. By 4:50, I Can’t Stop Crying!

This inspirational song sung by Kari Jobe in compliments with Michael Smith is a soul shaking experience, taking us on a spiritual journey as they both intermingle their voices beautifully while the music serves to compliment the entire song.

Lyrically, Jobe delivers a touching performance as if she could be singing this song, all alone, in the privacy of her own room and still feel the same way as she does while singing it out loud for all of us to hear. However, we are thankful that she did! It is a live praise to the spirit which enhances us all. When Michael Smith offers the song his voice, the two of them soar through the spirit of the song and then it melts again into the soft, tender voice of Jobe before being lifted, once again, into absolute splendor. I am particularly impressed by the way she delivers her passion for the words. At one point, the microphone was merely present as her voice goes beyond it and the music didn’t fail in the least to compliment the passion of her performance.

To feel that kind of glory delivered in a song is what praise is all about. The predominate lyrics, “You’re the one that really matters,” is more than just a repeated phrase in this song. It is a declaration of the truth and this song is telling us that experiencing that truth is as close to God as we are ever going to get. It is clear that when Jobe sings, she is close to God and in his presence she is prepared to give it her all.

By the end, she invites the audience to sing along so that they can all share in the spirit that she has lifted in this performance. Meanwhile, the music softly accompanies the lyrics to its end. Great job, Jobe!

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