Indoor 1940s ‘Neighborhood’ Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Retain Memories – Have A Peek!

Moving into an assisted living home is quite a lifestyle change for most older people. When you make the decision to move out of your own home and into a care center, you might not know what to expect. There’s no doubt about it, there’s a real range of different homes out there.


Over in Ohio, there are three assisted living homes that are revolutionizing things. Rather than being dull and boring homes, they have created a totally original style.

The little communities are made to look exactly like 1940’s neighborhoods. These homes are there to help people with memory-altering conditions.


For example, people suffering from Alzheimers tend to find these places very comforting since they give them a sense of safety.

Each house is individually painted to look like a real home from the era. There are also many tiny details that make these homes special.

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