His Wife Saved Him A Seat For Their Daughter’s Recital. She Doesn’t Realize Something Else Is Going On…

All daughters out there can relate that most father-daughter relationships are without parallel with any other. In this scenario, the handsome family of five shared a wonderful bond. But when this daughter made a simple wish to spend more time with her father the outcome from father-daughter bonding time was an endearing surprise for many.

As a passionate aspiring 10-year-old dancer, Lauren thought of the perfect way to spend some quality time with her father and do something together they’ve never done before; join her in the dance recital!

In this heartwarming ad the oatmeal brand, Quaker Canada helps families do something they’ve always wanted to do together by taking us closer to this family as they experience something new together, emphasizing the brand’s slogan “Goodness Starts Today.”

Beautifully done this video shows the mom’s genuine reaction to what probably was the best surprise of her life, while Dad and little Diva Lauren will forever cherish and remember this recital for years to come. Very cute.

Watch the video here:

YouTube/Quaker Canada

Nice moves Dad; Cheers to all the loving fathers out there and well done Quaker Canada creative team 🙂