Heroic Boy Spots Sister’s Throat Cancer While Tickling Her – Saves Her Life!

Brothers and sisters are always playing around and having fun, right? That’s kind of what they do. Any parent knows that an older brother will plague his little sister with tickles at basically any chance he gets. Well, when one boy was messing around, he noticed something very odd in his sister’s throat.


When 11-year-old Aaron East was tickling his sister, Amy, she started to laugh louder and louder. While her mouth was wide open, though, Aaron spotted something there.

At the back of her throat, there seemed to be a different color, unlike the rest of it. What it was, the boy was not sure, but he knew that it was not normal.


Like a true hero, he went straight to his mom to let her know that there was a problem. She took a look for herself and immediately knew something was wrong.

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