Here’s Why Women Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Fuzzy Armpits On Twitter!

Body hair is a touchy issue for many women. Some ladies like to remove any hair they have and some like to keep things au natural. What you do is completely up you. It is no one else’s decision and it’s no one else’s business. Yes, there will always be people out there who try and tell women what to do, but they are wrong.


Shaming someone because of their body hair is not only rude, it can actually be a very damaging thing, especially when the person feels bullied.

With that in mind, why is there still such a stigma about armpit hair? We all have it. Yet, if we dare to let it grow at all, we’re told we’re disgusting by other people and, obviously, the media.


In an attempt to buck this trend, one 16-year-old is doing something rather incredible on social media. She has started a trend that you simply have to see for yourself.

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