Group Of Artists Got Fed Up With These ‘Anti-Homeless Spikes.’ So They Made Them A Bit More … Cozy!

You probably can already guess what this is about by the title.

They were made to keep homeless people from lounging or sleeping and it looks like they would do a pretty good job. They look pretty awful if you ask me!

The spikes are a good example of how the city is designing spaces to deter the homeless.

The guy is part of a public protest in 2006 protest in Toulouse, France, where the public seating was intentionally equipped armrest on public seating to keep the homeless away.


But we all know that by doing this it is not going to help the homeless community in any way. They are basically just saying,  “Go somewhere else. We don’t want to look at you,” basically.

A group of locals got sick of seeing them outside a local club and did something about it.

Leah Borromeo was one of the artists that helped out with “Space, Not Spikes” — a group that’s fed up with what she describes as “hostile architecture.

“Spikes do nothing more than shoo the realities of poverty and inequality away from your backyard — so you don’t have to see it or confront what you can do to make things more equal,” Borromeo said. “And that is really selfish.”

“Our moral compass is skewed if we think things like this are acceptable.”

“Space, Not Spikes” reclaimed the spiked area by covering it with bedding, pillows, and a bookshelf stocked with reading material.

Watch more here:

SPACE, NOT SPIKES: Curtain Road from Leah Borromeo on Vimeo.