Granddaughter Gives Her Grandma A Total Makeover, Made Her Feel A Million Dollars Again

You might think that makeovers are just for young people. That they are the sort of thing that only happens in rom-coms or teen movies. Well, a new trend is sweeping the internet and you honestly have to see it for yourself.


After all, everyone deserves to feel and look fabulous, no matter how old they are. Well, that’s just what makeup artist Taylor Trimble thinks anyway.

My 97 year old Great Glam-Ma!😍 #makeupbytay

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When she decided to give her 97-year-old grandma a makeover, she could never have expected what would happen next.


After posting the transformation on Instagram, the world sat up and paid attention. Pretty soon, everyone was wanting to give their grandmas a makeover – you have to see some of these.

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