No One Expected 4 Giggling Sisters To Rock The House With Their Explosive Talent

What started off as a group of giggly sisters, calling themselves the “4th Power” from the Philippines auditioned for the 12th season of “The X-Factor,” turned into an explosive routine that astounded the judges and the audience with their singing talent on the song by Jessie J’s “Bang Bang.”

Their big dream was to travel to the UK and perform for X Factor in front of Simon Powell. So, in that respect, their dreams came true just by showing up but what happened next was beyond even their own expectations. However, they deserved it. When the music started, their dreams came alive!

What started off as mild 80’s routine, quickly turned sassy and electric with cool combinations of overtones and rapping that seemed to flow seamlessly throughout the performance while the judges jumped from their chairs and the audience danced to their moves. The result was a standing ovation from everyone and they seemed very excited to make their dreams come true to the fullest extent. Tears were coming from the girls and from their mom, who was standing off stage. The “passion, voices and attitude”, says one just combined with added context from their hero, Simon Cowell, who proceeded to let them know that this moment will be exploding all over the world, via the web brought them to their knees in delirium of the moment!

Needless to say, it was a unanimous YES for this sister, girl group and therefore, it is clear that we will be seeing more of them in the future. However, they are no strangers to performing in front of an audience. The group, Almira, 27; Irene, 25; Mylene, 23; Celina, 19 have used other names in the past besides the “4th Power” such as, MICA and The Gollayan Sisters and have already won some talent competitions in Asia. They also have quite the following on YouTube already. However, this gig turned out to be their “big break” and now they are headed for the stardom that they worked so hard for in their short, young lives to achieve. The gratitude that they felt after this reaction to their performance has reassured them that things can get better so long as you just keep trying and work hard as they have clearly done.

Watch it all here:

YouTube/The X Factor UK