These Ex-Lovers Met For The First Time In 30 Years. When She Realises Who It Is? So Beautiful

So when you take two artists and throw in a love story things are sure to get very emotional.

The lady in the video below is an artist called Marina. In the 70’s Marina and her boyfriend Ulay broke up and as artists they did it in a very unusual way. They both started at opposite ends of the Great Wall of China and walked toward each other for 90 days. When they met in the middle, they embraced each other one last time before parting company, never to see each other again… Until the moment in this incredibly moving video.

In the video, Marina is hosting alive art performance in which she sits at a table in silence. Strangers are invited to sit in silence with her as Marina makes eye contact but says nothing. What Marina didn’t know is that one of the people waiting to sit down was Ulay.

The moment they meet eye  contact (1:30) is truly beautiful. It was the first time the pair had seen each other in 30 years but she clearly remembers Ulay and feels for him greatly.

Even though Ulay and Marina said nothing, just looking at how they gazed into each others eyes said it all about their love story.