Elderly Couple Married For 57 Years Live The Reality Of Tear-jerking Movie “The Notebook”

Clemma told WTVM: ‘I am a very loving person and I love to love on and hug people.

‘When I met Sterling, he was like that and we knew we loved each other immediately.’

‘Sterling is the sweetest loving person I’ve ever met. We tell each other that we love each other at least 10 times a day and that is what I wanted.


‘He said that when he saw me, he knew that I was the one.’

Clemma said the secret to staying together is showing love.

‘You have to work at marriage and show love. Marriage is an inspiration if you treat it right,’ she said to our source.

The couple’s granddaughter was overjoyed and said to ABC News in a report:

‘They set the example for us growing up as to what a marriage should be like and they always had unconditional love for their family and towards each other and they’re just role models for all of us to live up to,’

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