Elderly Couple Married For 57 Years Live The Reality Of Tear-jerking Movie “The Notebook”

‘The Notebook’ is a movie you will probably know all about, as it’s romantic plot is so powerful, once you have seen it, it will stick with you forever.

When this couple saw the movie, they recognized the similarities and were blown over when they realise how THEIR love story mirrored the beautiful tale told in the movie.

When Sterling Elmore saw Clemma 57 years ago he knew as soon as he laid eyes on her she was the woman he wanted to marry. An he did.

Four months later, the loved up pair were married and they knew they would share the rest of their lives together.

Now, the couple from Wewoka, Oklahoma, have photographed their love with a tear jerking photoshoot inspired by hit romantic novel-turned-movie.

It was the couples granddaughter who arranged the photoshoot and photographer Stacy Welch-Christ settled on the theme after Clemma, 76, told her how she loved “The Notebook.”


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