Dads And Their Kids Asked Each Other A Simple Question – The Result Will Make You Cry


When it comes to talking to dad, at least for us guys, we don’t really go too deep about with how we feel.

I guess being tough is part of the whole “manly” thing. Unfortunately when this happens we almost get this sense of fatherlessness. What I mean by that is that we need to have Dad’s affirmation in life, we need to hear dad say that he loves us. It’s just so important that these things occur in our life. When they don’t we go through a lot of heartache and disappointment.

Well, writing and filmmaking company Echo Storytelling Agency created a campaign called #TellThemNow that basically encourages children to communicate more with their fathers and fathers with their children regardless of how old they may be. We are hoping that this will help with this problem.

Here is a short film to help people realize how important this is:

(YouTube/Echo Storytelling Agency)

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