Cowboy Helped Drivers For 50 Years, How They’re Paying Him Back Brings Him Tears

There is such things as guardian angels and sometimes they come in the form of a rough looking but soft-hearted man known as the “San Diego Highway Man”  who has spent the last 50 years, cruising the highways in his ’55 Ford wagon, stopping for anyone who needs assistance on the road. Thomas Weller is his name and this all began for him when he was 16 years old  and he found himself in a blizzard on an Illinois highway and slid into a snow bank which kept him trapped for a few hours.  Luckily, someone came along and pulled him out.  When Thomas offered to pay the kind stranger, the man said, “No, just pass it on.”  And so he did.

Then one day, a man named Rick hears of The Highway man’s story on the radio and learns that the 55′ Ford wagon that Thomas used to  cruise the highways was in a wreck back in 2011 and is still sitting in his garage. Rick recalls a haunting story of a car accident in his past, in which he believes that help from a man like Thomas could’ve saved a life.  He feels grateful that people like Thomas know how important it is for people to act fast after an accident in order to save lives.  Therefore, when he heard of this guardian angel, “The Highway Man”, he wanted to doing something special to repay him for all of years of service to those who needed him when they least expected.

One way to help, thought Rick was to keep him moving in his favorite ’55 Ford wagon that he called, “Buelah”. Before this, Thomas had been driving Buelah since 1966. Although, a nice gesture over the phone during a radio program, Thomas did not expect Rick to follow through on the fix. However, on June 26, 2015, Rick kept true to his promise and delivered to The Highway Man his beloved car, Buelah, in full regalia.  Tears came to The Highway Man’s eyes when he saw her.   Then he read from a plaque that he keeps on the dash of his car, “If I cannot do great things, I’ll do small things in a great way.” And now he can continue doing just that.

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