Coach Pulls Aside Star Player Seconds Before Her Military Dad Walks In Behind Her

It can’t be easy living in a military family. Everyone in the house would be feeling worried a lot of the time, wondering if mom, dad or the family member away serving the country was safe and happy.

Even when my son gets on a plane, or my daughter takes a bus out of town, I call them to check they are okay. Imagine what I would be like if I had one of them away all the time, with their life in danger?


Lanicia Lawrence, though, seems to have handled a childhood with a military dad very well. She’s a key player on her high school basketball team, the Griffons and has always succeeded academically.



Of course, she missed her father whenever he was gone for long spans of time, but she couldn’t let that stop her from getting on with her life and being the best that she could be.

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