After A Bitter Divorce, Man Sends A Powerful Message We Can All Learn From

Sometimes, marriage isn’t always a bed of roses, and often the thorns on the stem of the flower are sharp, leaving nasty cuts when the flower starts to die. Sean Whalen and his ex-wife know all about the thorns of divorce. They had a painful, bitter and poisonous divorce.

They had to have police escorts to keep them from fighting when they would pick up and drop off their kids, and they only communicated to each other through their lawyers. It was tough for everyone involved.

Sean Whalen was furious that his ex wife was seeing another man and he became angry. The kids are the ones who have suffered in all of this, as family members notice it’s taken a toll.

This war has been going on for years. But recently, their relationship changed for the better — it seems they have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

The husband recently shared a picture on Facebook of the family going for dinner, together with his shocking story that seemed like an emotional roller coaster ride.

The picture now has around 350,000 likes and 90,000 shares.

Whalen wanted to share his story with the world to prove that although divorce can be brutal, there is still hope that you can find happiness again, even if it seems you are trapped in a tangled web of negativity.

Here’s the image and the message that accompanied it.

Here’s what Sean wrote on Facebook:


Via Brightside/sean

’This is my ex-wife and her husband.

Our 3 kids and their 2 kids.

Tonight they invited me over for dinner.

5 years ago, she and I had to have a police escort just to pick up and drop off our kids.

We only communicated through lawyers.

I wanted to punch her boyfriend (now her husband).

Tonight we broke bread, laughed, played with the kids, and had a great evening.

Never give up, friends.

PEACE is a choice.

It’s YOUR choice.

Not THEIR choice.

’Yea, but he does…’
’Yea, but she does…’

What your ex does is IRRELEVANT.

YOU CHOOSE how and what you say.
YOU CHOOSE how and what you do.

Even when they are trying to fight with you.

ESPECIALLY when they are trying to fight with you.


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