Airline Claims There Is A 47-Year Layover. When The Customer Complains, He Gets The Most Helpful Response Ever!

Long-haul travel is basically awful. If you’ve ever had to fly around the world, you will know that it is no walk in the park. What makes things even more frustrating is the layovers that you just can’t avoid. Spending 10 hours in an airport is just as boring as it sounds… believe me!


Still, what if you had a 47-year layover, eh? It might sound crazy, but that’s exactly what the Skyscanner website suggested for one customer recently.

James Lloyd from Lincolnshire has recently been in New Zealand. When he looked for some flights home, he was rather surprised.


He looked at his itinerary and saw that the travel company had suggested a 413,786 hour and 25-minute layover in Bangkok…. Um, that’s around 47 years! He immediately took to social media to ask the sarcastic question of what he should do in this time… and got the best reply ever.

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