9-Year-Old Boy Has An Embarrassing Accident. Then This Girl Did This!


Most often, it’s not easy being a kid, especially when something like this happens. A nine-year-old boy was sitting in class when he noticed that he wet his pants.

His first thought was that he would be laughed out of class for doing something like this. He couldn’t believe that it happened. Needless to say, he was completely embarrassed and didn’t want any of the boys and girls to find out.

He tries prayer, hoping that somehow, he will overcome this situation without anyone knowing. However, just as he was doing so, the teacher was on her way towards him and he was sure that he was found out. He waited for the embarrassment to take place when all of a sudden, a classmate named Susie carried a fishbowl filled with water and trips right in front of the teacher and the bowl of water lands on his lap.

He appears to be angry, but he was really very glad and lucky to have someone “cover up” his unfortunate incident before it was noticed by everyone. It was if his prayer was literally answered in the most peculiar, yet perfect way.

With his pants covered in fish water, he was able to dodge, what could have been, the most embarrassing moment of his life. Thanks to Susie, everyone just thought that he was unfortunately covered in water and he was taken out of class and given some gym shorts to wear.

Although he was glad for the exit, he felt bad about how Susie was being made fun of for “tripping” and getting him all wet. Susie, on the other hand, was very sympathetic about the situation and even confided to him at the end of the day while waiting for the bus, “I wet my pants once too.” Well, one person knew about his accident, I suppose, but thankfully it was her and not someone who would’ve sacrificed the boy’s tender ego instead of helping him out. Well done, Susie.