85-Year-Old Grandma Has Been Living Hunched Over For Decades, But Then She Starts Doing Yoga

As you start to get older, your joints tend to seize up and you can end up suffering from intense pain, that makes everyday life a bit of a struggle.

Spending every single day in pain is not the way to spend the last years of your life. You should be able to enjoy your retirement, not be baron to your home and the doctor’s surgery because you are suffering so badly, right?

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Sometimes, the flare-ups seem like they’ll never go away, and even when you have good days when the pain isn’t so bad, there is  always that constant fear that the pain will come out of nowhere in full force.

For 85-year-old Anna Pesce, she never had a pain free day, she lived a life of agony. For decades, she had been dealing with a herniated disc, scoliosis, and osteoporosis. I mean, it must be bad having just one of these conditions, but all three just seems like too much to bear.


She was now in a wheelchair for most of the time. Her children and grandchildren had to carry her up and down the stairs. She felt helpless and devastated.

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