5-Day-Old Instantly Calms When Mom Puts Him In Special Tub That Feels Just Like Her Womb

Newborn babies are so small and precious, little Lucas here hadn’t even opened his eyes properly yet. Think about, babies spend 9 whole months inside the mother’s womb, for them suddenly to join the real world is a dramatic adjustment.

A woman’s womb provides an amazing amount of comfort to a baby and can’t really be matched. However, there is a new product on the marker called the Tummy Tub, and it comes pretty close. IT was made in Holland and is designed to instantly soothe newborns into making them feel safe again.

According to Fox News, “Babies are evicted before their ‘fourth trimester,’ before they are fully developed and still needing the gentle stroking, holding, and shushing of the womb. An infant’s crying, which can last from minutes to hours, may actually be the result of missing the constant noise and stimulation of the womb.”

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