36 Kids Crying For The Funniest Reasons You Will Ever Hear

When it comes to crying for just about any reason you can be sure that your kids will do it and do it so well you might actually feel sorry for them.

Of course, as parents we know when we are being played for a fool and even then we still feel sorry for our kiddos. These 36 kids are going at it and it’s hilarious for us but maybe not for the parents. Check them out.

1. The dog was in the way!

2. Where’s his costume?!?!

3. “No more bacon?”

4. Darn Cheerios!

5. He needs to learn how to share!

6.  “Stupid doggie door!”

7. It’s just not right sweetheart!

8. “It’s my leg hole!”

9. He doesn’t want to go!

10. I feel her pain!

11. “Where’s my old hat?”


12. He knows something they don’t.

13. “I want my rubber ducky.”

14. “I want to drown!”

15. Haha

16. You know the dog always walks you.

17. “A little stuck here!”

18. “I’m a big boy already!”

19. “The goat was supposed to just look at it!”

20. “I’m embarrassed mom!”

21. Stupid T-Rex!

22. “But I want sunscreen!”

23. Tears of joy.

24. No tattoos yet.

25. “Why did I eat all the muffins?”

26. Can’t reach the pennies.

27. Dumb microwave!

28. Not sure why he is so upset?

29. I feel your pain bud.

30. It’s for your own good.

31. “I wanted to break the cheese!”

32. “How could you hide that from me?”

33. “I’m soo sad!”

34. A+ for effort.

35. “It’s scary in here.”

36. “This is just NOT fair!”