27 Adorable Animals That Will Cheer You Up

Remember that time when you set your alarm for that interview in the morning?

Only to wake up and realize that you set the time for PM, not AM and you only have 10 minutes to dress and get your butt down there? Yeah, we have all had some similar type of experience but it all comes crashing down when we see our adorable smiley animals looking at us and all the stress melts away. Check out these cute animals that will make your day bright!

1. Is it that funny?

2. Oh yes, I love these cheese crackers!


4. “I love very long walks on the beach!”

5. “I want every day to be my birthday!”

6. “I’m the best otter in the world.”

7. “I need some caffeine now!”

8. Just hangin’ here…

9. “What do you think about this angle?”

10. “I have haircare secrets.”

11. Okay, you can keep sleeping.

12. “Bring it in close for a selfie.”

13. Big smiles for small pups.

14. “It’s so hot!”

15. You remember this day forever as they day you learned to drive.

16. What an angel!

17. It’s fun until you taste it.

18. Cutting all that HOT hair off for the summer.

19. Morning yoga session.

20. Look at those cute chubby cheeks.

21. “These wood shavings are soo comfy!”

22. Be more content…I double dare you!

23. “I need some more tummy rubs, please!”

24. Sweet dreams…

25. “I love this freedom!”

26. Ladies day out!

27. Hipster pooch.