26 People Share The Craziest Thing They’ve Seen During A Wedding Speech

When you get married, there’s just one thing that you pray goes well – your wedding speeches. This is the only part of the wedding that you have absolutely zero control over, and so you have to trust your friends and family not to mess it up. Of course, it can sometimes be utterly hilarious or it can go oh-so-wrong. Here are some of the craziest things that people have seen during a wedding speech.


1. The key fiasco

This is kind of a hilarious joke when you think about it… At least, I hope it’s a joke.


2. So, back in college…

Remember, guys, talking about the groom’s past love life is NEVER going to go down all that well.

3. The biggest regret

This was just a misunderstanding that made the wedding day particularly awkward for the bride. Whoops.

4. In the bathroom…

Why would anyone want to tell this story? It’s not what people want to hear when they are at a wedding. Well, this is awkward.

5. When the groom’s mom does this

Some women seriously can’t take it when others get the attention they think they deserve. Talk about a monster-in-law here!

6. This awkward scene

Turns out that things got seriously out of hand at this one wedding. Someone should have seen this one coming.

7. When they bride’s pregnant

I bet everyone was a little confused when this is how they found out that she was pregnant. Trust the priest to give it away!

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