25 Rude Cats Who Don’t Care If You’re Busy

When it comes to having your own space your cat could care less.

It really seems like they actually take pleasure in sticking their tail in everything that you are doing regardless if it’s watching tv, reading a book, or trying to take a nap.

The hardest thing is that they are so darn cute that you can’t get mad.

Here we have 25 rude cats that just don’t give a care and want to be the center of attention.

1. He would rather do some CrossFit.

2. Pay attention to me not that book!

3. You cannot text her back.

4. A cat trampoline.

5. You don’t need this finger, do you?

6. Making sure someone stays nice and rested.

7. Make a break for the door!

8. What’s up?

9. I am trying to nap right now… Where are you taking me?

10. Hurry up with this so you can give me a good scratch.

11. Shhh.

12. You don’t need to read the news right now…

13. … Or read these files.

14. Books are so comfy!

15. Can you read it to me?

16. Too much stimulation.

17. You don’t need to pass this class.

18. The kitty is feeling the music.

19. Check out my moves…

20. I could care less if you don’t want me here.

21. Double trouble.

22. He put himself in the game.

23. Hey, this is my favorite flavored pen.

24. Do you really need to get this done?

25. Can I touch your tongue?