25 Beautiful Pictures Of Kids On Their First Day Of School And Their Last

Since the new school term is coming around, many parents are gearing up to send their little kids off for the very first time. It’s always emotional when your children head to school. Over the years, they grow up so very much. Don’t you just wish that you could see before and after photos? Well, now you can! Check these out!


1. This little cutie

The only thing that’s changed about this girl is her hair color. She still has that sweet look on her face like it was the first day of school.


2. Big smiles!

What a poser, right? This lady has grown up quite a lot over the years and she looks like a real adult here.

3. Matching outfits

This guy went so far as to match his last day outfit to the one he wore on the first day. Now, that’s real dedication!

4. What a cutie!

Is this guy actually wearing the same trousers?! It looks like he hasn’t changed all that much over the years.

5. Look at that cake!

This girl is seriously very lucky. Not only did her mom bake her a cake for the first day of school, but she also baked her a cake for the last too.

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