18 Need-To-Know Camping Hacks That Will Make Your Getaway A Breeze!

7. Make your own freezer

If you want to keep food and drinks cool, don’t just use a cooler box. You can also freeze some bottles of water and stick them in there too. That way, it will work like a freezer.


8. Get eco-frienly tape

If you need to take some tape with you, make sure that you get the eco-friendly stuff so that it will decompose after you have left.


9. Make your own pancake mix

Before you head to the campsite, spend a little time making your own pancake mix. That way, you can simply add an egg and get cooking.

10. Make your own first aid kit

It’s always important to have the essentials with you when you’re camping. If you put together a mini first aid kit like this, you can make sure that you have all you need.

11. Take plenty of candles

There is nothing more important than making sure that you have enough light when you’re camping. Forget flashlights – invest in some candles.

12. Take spices in TicTac boxes

This empty littly boxes are perfect for storing spices in them. If you want your food to be tastier than ever, make sure that you have these.

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