18 Clever Gifts For You And Your Long Distance Bestie

Do you have any friends that have moved away? Like to another state or even another country?

Things can be really tough to keep that connection between people when they are far off. So why not get gifts for each other to remind you of your neverending friendship that not even distance can defeat.

1. Keychain that is customizable.

2. Poster with both of your locations.

3. A necklace that is close to both of your hearts.

4. A pillow that will show them your love when they come to visit.

5. And a pillow that shows your connection no matter the distance.

6. Coffee mugs that show your love for one another.

7. These mugs that show how you used to communicate.

8. Braclet to express yourself in the truest form.

9. Charms for your bracelet to remind you of them.

10. The GPS coordinates to where your BFF lives. Although I find this a bit creepy.

11. A graphic print stating your feelings of being apart.

12. Matching wine glasses.

13. Card showing map of both cities.

14. Simple car to say the you miss them.

15. A Charm to show the world how much your bestie means to you regardless of the miles you have apart.

16. Picture frame that speaks the truth.

17. Necklace that shows your love for travel and your love for your friend.

18. A countdown notebook to keep track of the next time you will get to see each other.