18 Celebrity Tweets About Parenting That Show The Struggle Is Real

Now, we all know that parenting is simply no walk in the park (unless you are literally walking your kids in the park, that is). So, when celebs have kids why it is that we assume they have an easier time than the rest of us? Sure, they might have all the money and help they need, but is that enough? Sometimes, being a parent is hard, as these stars found out for themselves.


1. When Anna Faris learned about potty training

This is one of the hardest things for all parents out there. After all, there is nothing more frustrating (and gross) than teaching your kid to use the potty. 


2. When Anna’s daughter was full of sass

Wow, this kid has some genuine attitude going on here. I wonder where she learned that from? She definitely needs a time-out!

3. When Ryan Reynold’s daughter did this

Eek. This is one of the grossest things ever, and yet kids can do the weirdest stuff. Still, at least Ryan could see the funny side of things. 

4. When Olivia’s toddler was hyper

Sometimes, all we really want is to sit around relaxing and watching Netflix. Apparently, toddlers don’t feel the same way, which can be a real nightmare.

5. When Chrissy Teigen replied like this

People tend to judge celebs a whole lot for the way that they are with their children. Chrissy had the BEST answer for someone who was being nosy about her family life. 

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