16 Of The Most Perfectly Timed Pictures You Will Ever Witness

13. It’s not what you think!

You might have to do a double take with this photo. It may look like the dad is crouching in a seriously weird position, but take another look. It’s not what you think.


14. On two legs!

Whenever cats stand up on two legs, they come right back down again. The truth is that kitties just can’t walk on their hind legs – no matter how hard they try. This guy looks like he’s been doing it all day, though.


15. He’s flying!

Whoever knew that little mice could fly? I certainly did not! This little critter must have been jumping through the air at the moment when this was taken. Still, it does look like this is some kind of super-rodent.

16. Check out those legs

Of course, this woman is riding off into the sunset with her loved one. That’s seriously sweet. Except that it kind of looks like the horse’s legs are hers!

Here are some more perfectly timed photos:

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