16 Of The Most Perfectly Timed Pictures You Will Ever Witness

It’s every photographer’s dream to catch an image at just the right moment. After all, if you can capture something that no one else ever has, that makes you a true artist. When it comes down to it, there are many weird and wonderful photos out there. Each of these was taken at just the right moment. Any sooner or any later, and they would not have looked so spectacularly bizarre. Here are 16 you have to see to believe.


1. This fire rabbit

Don’t worry! No bunnies were hurt in the making of this photograph. In fact, it’s just a normal fire shaped like a rabbit.


2. Just before it hit him

It looks as though this ball is right about to hit this dog in the head. I am hoping that he dodged it seconds after this was taken.

3. Fish face

The fish must have got in front of this person’s face at just the right moment for this picture. It actually looks like this woman has a fish for a head.

4. Um… no

This little guy thinks that he is fooling people with this picture. Well, he’s not! It’s obvious that the girl is not kissing him.

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