15 Photos Of Senior Citizens Who Are Truly Young At Heart

How do you imagine your golden years? I’d like to think that I’ll still have a sense of humor as I grow old. After all, if you’re not having fun, what’s the point, right? Whenever I see an adorable old couple together, it honestly brings the biggest smile to my face. It’s so beautiful to see people with so much zest for life. It really makes you appreciate how brilliant life actually is! Here are 15 photos of senior citizens who are young at heart.


1. Madly in love since 1961…

How cute are these two? Look at how much they care about one another. What’s more, they totally planned this so that the world could see how close they are.


2. This epic photo shoot

These two are having so much fun with this photo shoot. Look at how much they are laughing! I can’t imagine what has been said here.

3. Fencing with zimmer frames

Who said that these people are too old to play sports? When you reach a certain age, you don’t have to give up and stop playing sports. Keeping fit is what it’s about.

4. These two enjoying an ice lolly

There’s nothing better in the summer than enjoying an ice lolly in the sun, right? Threse two don’t let their age stop them doing that. They look like they’re having so much fun, don’t they?

5. This little prankster

If you thought that pranks were just for young people, you were oh-so-wrong! This guy is an absolute prankster – he’s playing the biggest trick on his pal here.

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