15 Exclusive Behind The Scenes Stories From Harry Potter

Are you obsessed with all things Harry Potter? If you loved the books and, indeed, the epic movie series, you will want to know just about everything about it all! Luckily for you, we have a treat. Here are 15 behind the scenes stories fresh from the set of Harry Potter.


1. Both Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint fancied Emma Watson

Via Wiki

Via Wiki

The boys later admitted that the two of them had had a huge crush on the actress back when they first started to work together. Who can blame them? She’s a real beauty!


2. James and Oliver Phelps would swap roles on set

The Wesley twins were absolutely perfectly cast. The two of them would actually trick the director on set by swapping roles and playing tricks on other cast members. Those little pranksters!

3. Daniel Radcliffe kept breaking his wand

Via Beamly

Via Beamly

The kid was just way too heavy handed with it, which meant that the wood paint kept chipping off it all the time. He would fiddle with it too much, and so they design team kept having to make new ones. Apparently, Daniel went through a whopping 80 wands over the course of the series.

4. Rupert Grint loved drawing unflattering pictures

During the first film, Rupert actually drew what he called a “rather unpretty picture of Alan Rickman (Snape). At the time, he was stressed out that he would get into trouble for what he’d done, but Alan saw the funny side of it. In fact, in the end, he got Rupert to sign it and kept it as a memento.

5. Jason Isaacs tried to steal a wand!

Jason Isaacs, who played Malfoy, was actually a little scamp in real life too. He was caught trying to sneak a wand off the set so that he could keep it for himself. Well, at least he lived up to his character name, right?

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